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POWER SOURCE-The Earl Vaporizer Pen is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to seventy two hours of vaporizing. The power light is placed on the bottom of the Earl and not only lets you know when the unit is ready, it will also warn you when the battery is getting low. There is also an auto shut off function with a simple 5 clicks.No need to worry about running through your battery or running the heat while stowed away. The Medicali Earl Vaporizer Pen will turn itself off after 10 seconds of heating. You can quickly reheat and use the it again by simply pushing down the green button. Charging your Medicali Vaporizer is made easy with the use of a USB charger or wall adapter which will give you a full charge in only a couple of hours. Earl Battery is rechargeable and stationed as the initial power source for the Medicali Earl Pen. This battery is sold separately and is not compatible with the Medicali Dub Pen.
*Included 1 year warranty.
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